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Remarketing Ads| Adverts that WORKS! Target Ads to people who’ve already visited your website.

Remarketing Campaign Services

Remarketing is an effective method to bring visitors back to site, who previously visited your site but didn’t convert. Remarketing, also referred to as retargeting, is an efficient way of keeping your product or services in people’s mind and regaining their attention after they leave your website. Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook and third party retargeting platform AdRoll offers best Remarketing services.

At PPC Leads Consulting (India) we work on rendering highly-targeted remarketing campaign services and ensure that you re-engage with the right visitors to reduce Ad spend and increase ROI.

Getting Remarketing Done. In a RIGHTWAY

Remarketing flow-chart

Remarketing is one of the most advanced internet marketing innovations, which allows marketers to communicate with a highly relevant audience. Prompting them to act upon their initial interest by returning to make a purchase, make an enquiry or subscribe to your newsletter etc,. When done right, it can be your most efficient tool online.

We understand the importance of prospective customer which has high conversion value, implementation of re-marketing campaign to those visitors who did not convert on your website, then we refine those website visitors who have are potential to convert by identifying their behavior on site which helps in reducing Ad spend/wastage and increasing your advertising efficiency. We pay much attention on Ad delivery by ensuring right contextual message and in the right format which increases the performance of remarketing campaign.

We implement remarketing campaigns on a varied platforms – from the GDN (Google Display Network), Social Media platforms such as Facebook and it`s audience network, twitter & LinkedIn and by using third party re-targeting networks such as AdRoll. This ensures that you leverage your remarketing reach to maximize success.

Google AdWords allows advertisers to re-target visitors through the Google Display Network and on Google Search through RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads), remarketing campaigns on YouTube as well, using video ads.

Facebook Remarketing works similar to Google AdWords remarketing, but instead showing Ads across websites, displays Adverts to previous visitors of the website on Facebook only. Facebook allows to build an audience from the people who visit your site. Custom Audiences from website is a powerful way for you to reach people on Facebook after they've visited your site.

Why use PPC Leads Consulting`s (India) services for Remarketing?

There’s even the option to use Google Analytics to target customers based on an even more specific criteria, such as the time they spent on your website. This means you can target potential visitors who are the more likely to convert.

PPC Leads Consulting India is a specialized search engine marketing agency, helps businesses to create and manage highly successful remarketing campaigns. As such, out team at PPC Leads India has vast experience in this field of online marketing in comparison to the majority of other agencies. We are one of a few agencies in India who offer lead based remarketing services.

Give your Brand the Power of REMARKETING ADS. Call us for Customized Digital Marketing Services.

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