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Why PPC Advertising. Understanding Pay per Click Campaign Management.

PPC Advertising or PPC Ads will deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers to your website/landing-page within a very short period of time. Pay Per Click advertising model  helps advertisers to pay only when their ad is clicked by searcher. Search engines like Google and Bing offers the advertising platform on a model of cost per click.  Here, advertiser will not be charged for showing/displaying the ads on search network.

What is Pay per Click Advertising?


PPC is the paid advertisement on search engines like Google, PPC Ads shown to the corresponding search query which is entered/ typed in search engine. These search terms which are also known as keywords that are related to your products or services, which you think people will use on their searches.

When a user search and the keyword used is one of those that are included on your PPC ad, a short advertisement on your site will be included on the search result. Clicking on the link will lead the user to your website or specific campaign landing page.Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign is method of showing your ads to targeted customers on search-engines like Google (www.google.com) and content network for displaying ads.

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PPC Leads Consulting, we bring the best of Pay-per-Click advertising services for your businesses. We execute Pay-per-Click advertising campaign-setup that is exclusively efficient to give you a positive outcome and profitable ROI. The digital-marketing experts at PPC Leads Consulting, do the preliminary consultation of understanding your campaign objectives, targeted customers/audience, market competition, etc. and setup Google Analytics code to your all pages of website to track your audience behavior towards website. We do the complete research in all dimensions before making the campaign live. We select the combination of keywords based on the campaign objective such as keyword competition, search volume which brings most relevant traffic and makes the campaign successful.

Why PPC Advertising is Important for Businesses?

Pay per click advertising helps in generate highly relevant traffic in right away. As PPC Ads displays  ads on the first section of SERP you will get the most relevant online searchers attention and gets them convert into customer. Also displays banners (display) ads on various content network sites to the most specific target market. 

PPC advertising is reliably fast, one such PPC advertising platform is Google Ads (AdWords), it helps generate targeted traffic within a hour of activating the campaign.

Best of PPC Advertising service from PPC Leads Consulting, India

Our campaign management includes:

  • Dedicated PPC campaign manager.
  • Improved ROI to maximize leads, sales and profits
  • Increment in quality and relevant traffic to website.
  • Continuous focus on reducing CPC improving quality score (QS).
  • PPC landing page optimization & A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking & Google Analytics integration.
  • Creative & Attractive Ad copy creation. 
  • High relevant leads & sales closing rate.
  • Simplified campaign reporting to client.

Why Showing Ads on Google

However Google is the popular search engine with a 97.5 percent market share in India which made Google Ads (AdWords) a popular paid advertising platform. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign is one of the most effective strategies in generating targeted traffic to your website.

PPC Advertising gets the targeted traffic and the Benefits are here:

  • Powerful way of generating quality lead & create brand awareness.
  • Targeted Traffic helps you get the noticed by your potential customers on Google or other search engines.
  • Targeted Traffic Builds Your Brand Reputation
  • Targeted Traffic Gives Better Chances for Repeat
  • Targeted Traffic Helps Increase Your Page Rankings   
  • Targeted Traffic Ensures Your Business Survival   
  • No matter what so ever your budget, you can show your ads on Google search. 

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