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Are you seeking Digital Marketing consultant`s service? or You are an Internet Marketing Agency and require expert AdWords resource to manage high value search marketing campaigns. I`m here to help you.


We at PPC Leads Consulting Offer Google AdWords Pay per Click Freelancing services in India. Small & medium enterprises in U.S & U.K can reach us through skype call or through GotoMeeting to discuss AdWords service for your business. We are based out of Hyderabad, India. We provide campaign management on AdWords, Bing and Facebook advertising. Our pay-per-click services include AdWords Account Setup, Optimisation, Regular monitoring and Consulting. Get the Expert Advice on Google Advertising which includes Google Search Ads &  Display Advertising, YouTube Ads and Shopping Ads. Our PPC Freelancing services comes with guaranteed Lead Generation & Online Reputation Management. We Make Adwords work for you. Out Perform your Competitors with our Freelancing Consulting.  If you expect Expert AdWords Services, Choose the right professionals, who take your AdWords & Facebook campaigns to the RIGHT LEVEL.

Advantages of PPC Freelancing Services from us.

If you are a business owner and seeking result oriented Pay per Click freelancing  or Google AdWords Management  services in India to  in order to increase the return on your AdWords campaign management. We at PPC Leads Consulting is a dedicated campaign managers who owns this agency and offers affordable PPC services without comprising on output result. As a AdWords PPC Freelancers we offers bespoke freelance services that are  unique of it`s kind in Hyderabad and in Bangalore. All our AdWords campaign mangers are Google Certified Partners. We manage ppc campaigns to accomplish our client goal,  No matter how big or small the campaign is, there’s always commitment and delivery is added.

Why Choose AdWords as a preferred Digital Marketing Platform ?
Google AdWords – The Most Reliable & Efficient LEAD GENERATION Advertising platform for your business.

Google AdWords is the leader in pay-per-click marketing, search based method of advertising because Google offers a measurable, pay-for-performance solution that is 100% accurate and accountable. Businesses only have to pay when someone clicks on their ad; this makes it more cost-effective, particularly for small businesses with limited marketing budgets. 

Google AdWords offers real time return on investment (ROI) with conversion tracking.  Search Engine Marketing on Google AdWords is very flexible, can modify or pause advertising campaign at any given time.   

The major advantage of Google AdWords is that you can create your search Ads extremely relevant to your prospective customers. Also, you have the importunity to show those ads to people who are looking for something related to your product or service. Relevant keywords helps to make your Ad interesting and reachable by your target audience.

AdWords Campaigning can burn your pocket with out offering any benefit.  A professional AdWords Campaign manager who can exactly understands your business can craft a winning PPC Advertising strategy with guaranteed (ROI) Return on Investment.  We @ppcLeads delivers professional pay per click freelancing services in India. Our PPC Advertising approach is  Lead focused and return driven. 

PPC Freelancing Campaign Management and Optimization Services, India

We setup and manage & optimize Google AdWords campaigns effectively that’s help you get the best of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We’ll help you to get the right traffic to your website, that helps in turning conversion and visits into sales.

Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising in plain words.

PPC (Pay Per Click) or paid search advertising is the fastest and most effective and controllable way to get your website to the top of the search engine results. When people are looking for your type of products or services which you offer you can visible only to them and when they click your Ad they will land to your website from there the real game of conversion rate optimization starts.

Pay Per Click advertising is a form of online marketing where advertisers can pay to display their ads on popular search engines and thousands of third party websites. We are capable and highly skilled to manage your PPC Advertising accounts on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Ads. 

AdWords & Bing Pay-per-Click Ads appear above the organic search results

PPC Advertising is Crucial in #DigitalMarketing Success
Most of  the business owners ask, Why it`s important to invest in online marketing campaigns’? For the basic reason that online marketing is the future of marketing and it can quickly grow your business with effective web-strategies. 

Pay per click or PPC Ads has a capability to generate traffic right away. It’s easy: Bid High, will gets you the top placement on search result, and potential audience will see your Ad first. If your targeted customer are searching for the products/services on which you bid and you have placed a killer ad copy, you will get clicks and the searcher will land to your website.

Many small and medium businesses underestimate the value of ppc advertising and as a result they are missing out on a profitable opportunity to grow their sales online. As a PPC Freelancer we will put all our expertise to give you the best return on your online marketing budget.

PPC advertising is super fast: With search engine marketing platform, such as Google AdWords and Bing we can generate highly targeted traffic within hours of starting PPC account.

PPC advertising is agile too! As we know organic SEO result can lag weeks and months behind changing audience behavior, through PPC Advertising adjusting is a clicka way. Advertising through pay per click provides ability to adjust to market environment and changing according to customer interests.

PPC advertising is a magic that it’s insanely easy to set up but not easy to get a better ROI. I can’t tell you how many business owners have told us, “We tried and tested Google AdWords, but it didn’t work for us.” When we had a chance to look at their ppc account history, we saw that campaign set up a poorly done. 

With us you’re going to get good results in a couple of month – as we managed small to large ppc campaigns, we assure you the best ppc freelancing service in India with unmatched performance.

To Start your PPC Campaign on AdWords, Bing or on Facebook reach us at sales(at)ppcleads.in or simply fill up the consultation for below.

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